"The Darfur lobby was historic. But was it effective?"

"If Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau or Thomas Mulcair were having an affair, would you click on a headline about it? Probably. Would Canadian journalists ever give you the chance? Probably not."

"Abley has produced something seemingly inconceivable: an intelligent, absorbing and, yes, entertaining book about an infamous Canadian villain who oversaw residential schools at the height of their brutality toward Aboriginal peoples."

"I want to say de Botton writes beautifully, but it’s more like he writes clever sentences with high frequency."

"The main character, Adam Schumann, was a model officer and certifiable hero who required an unceremonious mental health evacuation from Iraq. His wife says of him: “He’s still a good guy. He’s just a broken good guy.”" 

"Reading about human courtship of nuclear destruction is like watching the wobbles of an amateur tightrope walker: one gawks in terror and amazement." 

"Wolves are cool. A few more sheep might bite the dust, but this could be a small price to pay for enough fresh-aired awe to pry our fingers from our remote controls."

"In theory, this is a memoir, but the real subject is Nigeria, with Achebe as a bit player in a catastrophe."

"Love is ostensibly the subject, though the reader may have to squint to see it through all the lust."